What does it take to be recognized as an eco-friendly property?

[…] the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), the body that manages the global standards for sustainable travel and tourism, created The GSTC Industry Criteria and Suggested Indicators for Hotels in an effort to “come to a common understanding of sustainable tourism.” The idea is to harmonize all the criteria found in the many green hotel certification schemes available, such as Green KeyGreen Star Hotel Certificate, etc. The organization describes the GSTC Criteria as “the minimum that a hotel (or any type of built accommodations) business should aspire to reach.”

Hotels looking to be officially recognized as eco-friendly properties can consider one of the many GSTC-accredited certification bodies around the world. Find the full list of GSTC-recognized standards and green-certifying bodies for hotels here.

If you’re standing up to face the sustainable hospitality challenge at your own property, be sure you’re recognized for your efforts not only with certification, but also on trivago.

Indicate that you’re an eco-friendly property on trivago by updating your details on your trivago profile.

Travelers specifically searching for eco-friendly hotels will then be able to find you.

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