Vanuatu Department of Tourism Joins GSTC

June 2018 – Vanuatu Department of Tourism has joined the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) as a destination member.

Vanuatu Department of Tourism is a government agency established under the Ministry of Tourism, Trade, Industry and Ni-Vanuatu Business. The Department focuses on policy, destination management, product development, cruise tourism and tourism standards. The Tourism Standards program (Vanuatu Tourism Permits and Accreditation Program) manages the Vanuatu Tourism Product Classification System (VTPCS) and the Vanuatu Tourism Operators Minimum Standards (VTOMS).

“We are very pleased to welcome Vanuatu Department of Tourism to GSTC,” says Randy Durband. “They recognize the value in drawing from the GSTC Criteria and GSTC’s knowledge of sustainable tourism certification programs to help guide them in the further development of their program. We commend them for their commitment to building and continuously improving a system to measure sustainable practices and to reward those who do well.”

“Our commitment by incorporating GSTC’s criteria into our Tourism Standards Program is part of our continuous improvement effort to provide support and encourage the concept of Sustainable Tourism,” says Donald Pelam, Acting Director, Department of Tourism.

Vanuatu has also signed an MOU with GSTC; as well as an MOU with GSTC Member, Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation.

Vanuatu is a South Pacific archipelago made up of 83 small islands that are of volcanic origin and cover around 12000sq kms. Around 65 of the islands are inhabited. The total population of Vanuatu is over 260,000. Tourism in Vanuatu contributes to around 46% of total GDP highlighting it is the main economic driver in the economy. For more information about the Vanuatu Department of Tourism, please visit

GSTC encourages destinations pursuing sustainability practices in development and management of tourism, to join as GSTC members and apply the GSTC Destination Criteria, which eventually can lead to being certified by a GSTC-Accredited Certification Body.