Carbon Footprint Report of the GSTC2022 Global Conference in Sevilla

The Carbon Footprint of events is an indicator that allows us to know the impact that the different phases of an event have on the environment. Based on this indicator, thanks to Ecoterrae‘s report, we can establish a starting point that allows us to draw up improvement plans to reduce these GHG emissions for future events.

The report offers an analysis that covers all stages of the GSTC2022 Global Conference in Seville, from its preparation to the dismantling of the event, including all intermediate stages. In these phases, different emitting activities took place, which were identified and calculated in order to know their impact on the emissions as a whole. This allows us to know which are the main sources and to act on them, proposing alternatives and improvements to reduce our future impact.

The GSTC2022 Global Conference took place from 12 to 15 December 2022 at FIBES, the Conference and Exhibition Centre in Seville, Andalusia, Spain, and brought together 350 tourism professionals from 60 countries. Recordings of the conference can be found on our YouTube channel.

Read the full report: Carbon Footprint Report – GSTC 2022 Global Conference  (Dec. 2022)