TANIPA Naturally Dyed Products

The women behind the products

This naturally dyed product is made by local women of Tololela-Inerie to preserve and revive their culture. The women are farmers by day and weavers by night or in their free time during plantation activities. Tololela village located in Inerie sub-district, Ngada district, Flores-East Nusa Tenggara.

The brand name, TANIPA has an important meaning for the history of Flores. TA means land in Bahasa Indonesia, and NIPA is former name of Flores island.

INDECON, with the support of the European Union, has trained the women in natural dying tradition production and selling, as an additional source of income.

TANIPA makes natural dyed scarves, handicraft from naturally dyed yarns, and local beads such as tassel keychain, bracelet, and necklace. Their products are sold to tourists who visit the village, and through other tourism activities.

Women and Natural Dye

Explore the colors

Naturally dyed yarns

The knowledge of natural dying techniques is rapidly vanishing from weaving culture community of Flores. When it comes to their own clothes, local communities prefer to use synthetic yarns due to their move intense shade of colors. The local women group have been producing simple craft products and these products are very popular with tourists. Every week, local women groups allocate time to make the naturally dyed yarns. Colors are extracted from local plants in the surrounding gardens. Once neglected ingredients now produce such beautiful colors. The processing of natural dye includes extracting the dye, adjustment of the acidity, dying with mordant, dipping and then drying for several hours or days.

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They look forward to welcoming anyone who values authenticity and becomes part of a great community!

Production of a keychain

Keychain products