GSTC representation in the Webinar “Measuring EU Tourism Environmental Impacts, Setting the Frame” hosted by EUROPARC Dr. Ioannis Pappas, Director of the Mediterranean Region at GSTC, spoke at the Webinar hosted by EUROPARC: “Measuring EU Tourism Environmental Impacts. Setting the frame.” Which was held on March 12, 2024, from 10:00 to 12:00 CET.

In this webinar, participants discussed environmental indicators and explored the current situation. Inputs were provided by researchers on what should be measured, the knowledge gaps, and the current difficulties. Furthermore, insights were shared by the European Commission regarding their ongoing work on the topic and their objectives. The webinar aimed to advance the process of identifying necessary actions and finding common ground at the European, national, or local level in terms of measuring environmental impact.

The webinar was facilitated by Teresa Pastor, EUROPARC’s European Charter for Sustainable Tourism manager, as well as Liisa Kokkarinen, Visit Finland’s sustainable development expert, and Ralf Pastleitner, Head of TUI Group Corporate Office EU, Chairman of the T4T green subgroup.

‘The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) plays a pivotal role in shaping the development of a robust global sustainable tourism ecosystem. By providing and advocating for the adoption of GSTC standards, the organization contributes significantly to fostering positive outcomes within both the private and public sectors. Particularly within Europe, where the nascent Green Claims regulation is beginning to impact the tourism industry, the establishment and adherence to dependable, internationally recognized standards are paramount. This facilitates the creation of reliable data collection mechanisms, predicated on environmental metrics and other pertinent indicators. As consumer expectations increasingly prioritize the assurance of certified services, the GSTC stands as a beacon guiding European stakeholders towards a more sustainable future. Embracing third-party certification processes, the GSTC actively supports European entities in navigating and implementing greener practices, thus facilitating a smoother transition towards sustainability within the region’s tourism landscape’, Dr Pappas said.

“Measuring EU Tourism Environmental Impacts. Setting the frame” was organized by the commission expert group for tourism ecosystem T4T Together for Tourism, which was established in June 2023 by DG GROW to assist the European Commission in the implementation of the transition pathway for tourism.

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The webinar concluded with a comprehensive review of the discussions and insights shared. Participants reflected on the environmental indicators discussed, the current challenges identified, and potential measures for addressing these issues. Contributions from researchers, the European Commission, and other stakeholders provided a well-rounded perspective on the environmental impacts of EU tourism and the steps needed for sustainable management.

There was a consensus on the need for ongoing dialogue and research to effectively measure and manage the environmental footprint of tourism.

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