The GSTC Industry Criteria are experiencing their third revision after announcing version 3 in 2016, and we invite all stakeholders to participate in this important process.

According to the GSTC Industry Criteria Revision Terms of Reference, the revision schedule is as follows:

  • July 1, 2024: Announcement through publication of these Terms of Reference
  • July – August, 2024: First public consultation
  • November – December, 2024: Second public consultation
  • February – March, 2025: Feasibility assessment
  • May 2025: Third public consultation
  • August 2025: Announcement of the final revised version  

The first round of consultation is now open to all. We welcome your participation and comments on the GSTC Industry Criteria Revision.

One of the key objectives of this revision is to gather insights from key stakeholders, ensuring that the Criteria remains relevant and effective. This involves gathering feedback and opinions on whether the Criteria should be separated into two distinct sets for hotels and tour operators, respectively, to enhance the criteria’s applicability and specificity for different tourism industry segments. 

Additionally, the revision seeks feedback on the overall relevance and understandability of the indicators. We want to ensure that these indicators are clear and actionable. Your input will help determine if the current indicators are comprehensible and effective measures for sustainable practices of hotels/accommodations and tour operators.  

We encourage you to share this information with your colleagues and peers in the travel and tourism industry. Your feedback is crucial for making the necessary adjustments to better support the industry’s sustainability journey.