The Global Sustainable Tourism Council launches the Early Adopter Program of the GSTC MICE CriteriaThe Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) recently launched the new GSTC MICE Criteria, which is divided into three sub-sectors: Venues, Event Organizers, and Events & Exhibitions. GSTC has designed the Early Adopter Program for the GSTC MICE Criteria to support the development of the applicable implementation of the GSTC MICE Criteria.

Along with the recent new global Criteria, applications are now open for the Early Adopter Program. This program will last for a period of two years, from May 21, 2024 to May 20, 2026, and is a valuable opportunity for industry stakeholders to actively engage and become the first to implement the criteria in real-world settings. 

This period will allow stakeholders to foster a collaborative environment where they can share insights, challenges, and good practices. Through this network, organizations can collectively enhance their understanding, overcome common obstacles, and drive continuous improvement in the MICE industry. The program aims to build a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise that will contribute to the sustainable and responsible growth of the industry.

Participation in the GSTC MICE Criteria Early Adopter Program does not imply or guarantee to be a mark of assurance such as certification.

Click here to download the application form for the Early Adopter Program for the GSTC MICE Criteria and send it to criteria[at]

[The Deadline for applications has been extended to May 12, 2024.]

The selection process will begin on May 1st, and the first kickoff meeting will be held at the end of May or beginning of June 2024. The program’s process and key findings will be publicly available through the GSTC Website, and specific webinars will be held along with onsite workshops for the Early Adopters at our future GSTC Global Conferences.

We encourage our members to participate in our Early Adopter Program for the MICE Criteria to exemplify sustainability leadership and dedication to enhancing the global MICE industry. At the end of the Program, GSTC will release a public publication of a “Guidance on the sustainable MICE” in collaboration with all implicated stakeholders.

The GSTC Criteria serve as the global standards for sustainability in travel and tourism. The Criteria are used for education and awareness-raising, policy-making for businesses and government agencies and other organization types, measurement and evaluation, and as a basis for certification. They are the result of a worldwide effort to develop a common language about sustainability in tourism. They are arranged in four pillars: (A) Sustainable management; (B) Socioeconomic impacts; (C) Cultural impacts; (D) Environmental impacts.