From Words to Actions

From February 14-15, 2019, the GSTC, in partnership with NCE (Norwegian Centres of Expertise) Tourism Fjord Norway offered a training class for tourism industry stakeholders from the Fjord Norway region.

The training class, led by Ayako Ezaki (GSTC Training Director) and Nicola Koschel (GSTC Trainer, Sustainable Tourism Consultant), covered sustainability best practices, based on the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) Industry Criteria and Performance Indicators (for accommodations, tour operators and travel providers), highlighting examples and lessons, and helping local businesses implement concrete steps to approach sustainable tourism in a practical and meaningful manner.

With a diverse group of industry professionals representing the private sector, academia and destination and community organizations, the training offered the opportunities for participants to share and exchange ideas on sustainability actions relevant to the local context, as well as collaborating with each other to discuss best practices in sustainable tourism product development approaches.

NCE Tourism Fjord Norway

NCE (Norwegian Centres of Expertise) Tourism Fjord Norway is part of the nation-wide network of industry clusters that have established systematic collaboration and have potential for growth in national and international markets.

NCE Tourism Fjord Norway, located in Bergen, develops and facilitates themed tourism and adventure products. With the vision of becoming a world leader in specialty tourism, this NCE Cluster serves the purpose of helping develop and test new tourist products, and connecting buyers and suppliers of adventure products through a coordinated product and market strategy.