Hotel Yearbook 2024 ESG EditionThe Hotel Yearbook 2024 Hospitality ESG Edition has been released and is available online for free.

Along the same lines as previous editions of the Hotel Yearbook, the 2024 ESG Edition gathers the thoughts and research from a wide-ranging group of senior executives, analysts, consultants, and opinion leaders from all over the world. 

This edition highlights the range and interconnectedness of sustainable technologies, systems, and practices that can be combined in a holistic way to create a more sustainable hospitality ecosystem.

The Hospitality ESG Edition is divided into 6 themes:

  • The Rise of Net Positive Movement: Climate Resilient & Regenerative Hospitality
  • From Strategy to Regulation: Navigating the ESG Landscape
  • Operational Efficiency and Sustainability: Harnessing Technology & Education
  • The Built Environment: Innovative Architecture, Design & Carbon Conscious Practices
  • Validating Sustainability: Assurance, Certification and Awards
  • Shaping ESG Practices: Collaboration for a Better Future

GSTC CEO, Randy Durband collaborated in the Hotel Yearbook 2024 on the theme ‘Validating Sustainability” with his article “Sustainability Standards & Assurance in Travel & Tourism The GSTC Criteria”.

Hotel Yearbook 2024 Hospitality ESG Edition 

[Note: The Hotel Yearbook is only published digitally.]