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GSTC Italy Working Group

With many GSTC Members active in Italy trying to work together to promote the GSTC framework, a dedicated Working Group focused on activities in Italy was established in late 2022, with its first official meeting taking place in April 2023.

The GSTC Criteria is already being used across Italy, and certification to GSTC is valued for hotels and destinations as a means to drive sustainability within the country. The creation of a network of tourism professionals is fundamental to navigate the challenges to direct the tourism sector towards sustainability pathways.

A quote Stefano Ravelli, Chair of the Italy WF, at the first meeting of the Working Group:”We believe that the Italy Working Group can lay the foundations for the establishment of a wider network at the national level, with the aim of involving as many operators as possible in this path of responsibility and bringing the Italian experience at the service of the international community” Stefano Ravelli, Director of the Valsugana Tourism Board.”

GSTC Italy Working Group

As the name suggests, the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) is truly global. As such, we have a Working Group focused on Italy:

  • Stefano Ravelli,  APT Valsugana [Chair]
  • Federica Bosco, Etifor [Vice-chair]
  • Stefanie Prieth, IDM
  • Claudia Gioitti, Consorzio il Tarvisiano
  • Filippo De Agostini, S. Vigilio
  • Livia Muto Nardone, Ecoluxury
  • Enrico Ducrot, Viaggi dell’Elefante
  • Max Nagler, Alta Badia
  • Stefania Zanuso, Ways Srl SB – VIRTOU
  • Robert Kropfitsch, Territori Sostenibili
  • Paola Fattori, Ekita
  • Lara Citon, Hospitality Team Srl Soc. Benefit
  • Paola Fagioli, Legambiente

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