GSTC is looking for an Accreditation & Compliance Manager to lead GSTC’s efforts in enforcing compliance and identifying and acting upon cases of non-compliance, as part of the GSTC Assurance Program which requires vigilance in ensuring compliance and avoidance of false claims of authorized usage of the GSTC name and logo.

This is a great opportunity to work remotely with a multicultural team on a meaningful subject.

See the GSTC Accreditation & Compliance Manager Job Description for full details.


The GSTC Accreditation & Compliance Manager shall collaborate closely with two sets of team members: 1) the Assurance team to implement accreditation practices including compliance; and 2) the Secretariat’s Management leadership on trademark and branding issues, market messaging regarding trademarking, direct outreach to organizations with trademark and other licensing agreements with GSTC, and trademark compliance.

GSTC has developed a credible assurance program for hotels, tour operators, and destinations, striving to comply with the ISEAL Alliance Assurance Code. With that as a foundation, GSTC is now more actively promoting the application of its sustainable-labeling scheme in order to enhance the circular relationship of encouraging more responsible consumption and production.

Growth of the GSTC Assurance Program requires vigilance in ensuring compliance and avoidance of false claims of authorized usage of the GSTC name and logo; as such the Accreditation & Compliance Manager shall lead GSTC’s efforts in enforcing compliance and identifying and acting upon cases of non-compliance.

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Support the execution of existing accreditation activities with a focus on identifying measurement and reporting tools and systems to support good certification and accreditation
  2. Support the coordination of GSTC relationships and communications with accredited Certification Bodies
  3. Provide guidelines to CBs for including their GSTC-accredited status in their marketing messaging
  4. Support specific partner programs that utilize the GSTC market access program based on accreditation, such as Turkiye’s Sustainable Tourism Program
  5. Work with accredited Certification Bodies to operate in countries and regions not previously well served in order to expand access of businesses to accredited Certification Bodies in their geographic region
  6. Analysis and interpretation of current lists of certified businesses to allow for recommendations to various supply chain influencers/players to maximize utilization of those businesses
  7. Branding and Promotional Guidelines for hotels/accommodations and tour operators certified by GSTC-accredited CBs, which includes model professional quality graphic design and messaging that serve as tools for certified businesses
  8. Provide backup roles to the Assurance Manager and Assurance Director during personal leaves of absence

Reporting Relationship

Reporting relationship is to the Assurance Program Director.


  • Knowledge and skills in auditing and certification processes
  • Language skills: professional grade written and spoken English is required; preferred but not required additional languages are Turkish, Spanish, or Chinese
  • Effective speaking skills
  • Knowledge of sustainable hospitality best practices
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • 2 years minimum of relevant experience
  • Comfortable working across different cultures
  • Comfortable working independently
  • Software skills: intermediate or higher level user of MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) and its Google equivalents, with proven ability to quickly learn various software applications

Application Procedure

Qualified candidates are invited to submit their CV plus a letter stating their motivation, interest, and how they plan to contribute, to with the title of ‘Accreditation Manager Application’. Please do not apply if you do not fulfill the qualifications. Applications should be submitted by 10 February 2023.

Candidates of interest will be contacted for further information and will be informed of the compensation package.