Tablet Hotels is shining a brighter spotlight on hotels that benefit their surroundings.

As a trusted link between travelers and destinations, and the hotel experts at the Michelin Guide, Tablet has a responsibility to prioritize socially conscious tourism. Hotels in the Tablet selection have always been required to meet high standards of style, service, and personality. Now, Tablet is paying similar attention to how they interact with local cultures and the environment.

Sustainability Icon

Every hotel in the Tablet selection is given a set of sustainability standards and asked to assess how they’re working to make a positive impact on the planet and in their community. The icon indicates that a hotel has completed the assessment, and their sustainability measures are available to view.

The icon also appears when a hotel has been awarded a verified sustainability certification. Tablet has chosen which certifications to display based on their influence in the hospitality industry and the comprehensiveness of their approach, epitomized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) framework.

There are hundreds of sustainability certifications. GSTC cuts through the clutter to provide a definitive global standard. When a hotel has been certified to the GSTC Criteria, it means community and environment are being cared for in a meaningful way.

Sustainability is never accomplished. It’s a tug-of-war that requires continual effort. Tablet is proud to support the hotels that are pulling in the right direction — and to inspire others to do the same.

Sustainable Accommodation is More Important than Ever

Travelers and consumers are becoming more aware of their environmental, social, and cultural impact, seeking confirmation that sustainability practices are in place.

Sustainability certification for accommodations is a voluntary, third-party assessment through an audit to ensure compliance with sustainable tourism standards. GSTC does not certify directly. Certification is conducted by Certification Bodies (CB) while GSTC provides an accreditation program through its partner Assurance Services International to accredit Certification Bodies.

Accommodations certified by a GSTC-Accredited CB can use the GSTC logo along with the CB’s mark. The logos are also shared with OTAs and other buyers of hotel space.

Learn more about how to become certified as a sustainable accommodation.