TC logo siegel rot SchriftzugThe Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) recently announced TourCert Standard for Tour Operators has achieved ‘recognized’ certification status. The awarded status benchmarks its commitment to promote sustainable tourism products and services recognized by the GSTC.

“We commend TourCert, a non-profit organization for tourism certification, on its commitment to providing tourists with valuable information about sustainable tourism opportunities,” Mauro Marrocu, GSTC’s chief executive officer said.

TourCert has committed to using the GSTC Criteria – the first and only global framework for defining a sustainable travel benchmark – as the reference for its sustainable travel criteria. Rigorous review and authorization procedures have determined that TourCert’s Standard for Tour Operators is considered equivalent to the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria; the worldwide minimum requirement for tourism businesses of all size to approach sustainability.

“Having received the GSTC recognition is a huge step for us and shows us that we´re on the right track,” Gunter Koschwitz, executive director for TourCert said. “Making the tourism industry more sustainable, both, in the destinations and in the source markets, is a big challenge and we are very glad to have the GSTC as a helpful partner.”

To date, 16 standards (including TourCert) have received the GSTC-recognized status. Each of the GSTC-recognized standards has taken the first of three steps in establishing the GSTC process. Phases of establishing the global benchmark include recognizing the GSTC standard; evaluation of certification process for transparency by a third party; full GSTC-accreditation (beginning December 2014).

The GSTC will continue to work with standard owners around the world to provide GSTC recognition. All standards are encouraged to apply for GSTC-recognized status and all certification programs to apply for Approval. To learn more about the GSTC process please visit the GSTC website