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The GSTC plays a vital role in providing credibility to claims made by others regarding their sustainability. This requires that the use of GSTC logo versions must be carefully controlled.

There are three categories of GSTC logos:

1 – Institutional logos, used by GSTC on its website and other communications types – these may NOT be used by any others

2 – GSTC Member logo – to be used ONLY by current GSTC members and affiliates who have received written permission from the GSTC upon their gaining or renewing their membership, which can be verified by referencing the lists on the GSTC Members page and Affiliates page.  GSTC membership does NOT constitute any form of GSTC endorsement, label, or mark upon the member organization. 

3 – Logos based on marks from GSTC’s Integrity Program for those standards that have achieved GSTC-Approved or GSTC-Accredited – to be used ONLY by the owner of the standard and by the eligible client-users of that standard, which can be verified in the Partners section of this website

No other uses of any version of GSTC logos are allowed - please contact the GSTC if you have questions or comments about logo usage at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Standards and users of standards that are GSTC-Recognized are NOT allowed to use a GSTC logo in relation to that standard
  • GSTC Members that have sustainability standards may not display their Member logo where they reference their standard(s).  If their standard is GSTC-Approved or -Accredited, that logo should be displayed regarding the standard, but no other logo may be used in that situation in order to avoid confusion regarding the status of the standard. For these members, the GSTC Member logo should be used in reference to the organization, and avoiding any reference or hint that GSTC membership conveys a mark relating to their standard(s).
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Anyone from individuals to larger organizations can help increase the reach, awareness and recognition of sustainable tourism practices.  
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