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  • TravelHorst – Sustainable Business Travel Consulting

    Together with network partners, TravelHorst advises and supports organizations in the development of sustainable travel management practices. We define the scope and line of actions together with an organization’s travel management team. We analyze their business travel program in terms of sustainability and create alternative proposals, set priorities, targets and success criteria. The focus is on a sustainability business travel report based on the 17SDGs of the United Nations and then transparently reviewing a company’s travel activities. Based on this report, the potential for change is identified and options for action are developed for the entire company. This will enable an organization to have future travel activities that are economically, ecologically and socially compatible and sensible. To facilitate the implementation of the goals and to promote awareness, we offer online training and workshop for employees together with our network partners and conduct surveys on request.

  • Transat A.T. Inc.

    Transat A.T. Inc. is a leading integrated international tourism company specializing in holiday travel. It offers vacation packages, hotel stays and air travel under the Transat and Air Transat brands to some 60 destinations in 26 countries in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. Based in Montreal, the company has 5,000 employees. Transat is firmly committed to sustainable tourism development, as reflected in its multiple corporate responsibility initiatives over the past 10 years.

  • Tourism Vancouver

    Tourism Vancouver is a destination marketing organization and business association representing approximately 1,000 members in tourism and related industries/activities. Our purpose is to effectively market Metro Vancouver as a destination for leisure, meeting and event travelers. Our goals are to attract visitors to the region, encourage them to stay longer and ensure they return. This is done through the coordinated group action of members and staff working together.
    We live, breathe and share Vancouver: Our passion for the destination motivates all we do. We champion tourism as a positive force for the city and are invested in the sustainability of our industry.




  • Tourism Industry Association of the Yukon (TIA Yukon)

    The Tourism Industry Association of the Yukon (TIA Yukon), based in Whitehorse, Canada is an NGO that has been the voice of Yukon’s Tourism industry for over 40 years. Representing almost 400 members from tourism-based businesses, TIA Yukon assists its members through the training programs and workshops that it administers, working to develop niche tourism sectors relevant to the region, advocating on issues that impact the Yukon’s tourism industry and acting as a conduit for partnership building and networking. TIA Yukon works closely with government and other tourism stakeholders to ensure that the territory’s tourism potential remains strong and that tourism operators are able to pursue opportunities as they arise. The overarching goal of TIA Yukon is to promote tourism in the Yukon through community engagement. For more information, please visit

  • TourCert gGmbH

    TourCert has the not-for-profit objective of promoting sustainable business operations in tourism through credible training, auditing and certification. In TourCert experts from tourism, universities, environment and development organizations and politics are assembled, each contributing many years of experience in their field. They stand for qualified training, consultancy and certification. The European organizations German Church Development Service – Tourism Watch, KATE Center for Ecology & Development, Naturefriends International and University of Applied Sciences, Eberswalde are involved as partners. The criteria for certification and the “TourCert” label are in the hands of an independent certification council. The label is the official distinction for sustainability and corporate responsibility in tourism.

  • Tornos News

    Tornos News ( provides reliable Greek news exclusively for tourism professionals.Its editorial staff is headed by Yiannis Papadopoulos, who has served as a tourism editor for almost 30years and is assisted by other distinguished travel and tourism journalists and experts.Its unique team of experienced and reliable commentators and reporters made Tornos News, in lessthan one year (launched in spring 2014), the #1 news site among tourism professionals in Greece.Following the astounding success of Tornos News’ Greek edition in emerging as the country’s leadingTravel Market News platform, the International Edition, was launched inNovember 2015 with great success and prominent journalist Panos Thomakos as its Chief Editor.



    We are a sustainable destination development, management & marketing strategic consulting & marketing firm. We provide government authorities, tourism organizations and companies with practical solutions to develop, manage and market places as tourism destinations, accompanying them on every step of the way. Since 2010 we have been global thought leaders in destination development, management and marketing, undertaken projects and offered integrated solutions in 20+ countries across 4 continents.

    *TOPOSOPHY is headquartered in London, UK and operates a branch in Athens, Greece. Please visit

  • Toolset

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  • TLB Destinations

    Incoming tour operator, founded in 1996, TLB Destinations offers tourism experiences in the Middle East – mainly Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. For the past 12 years, TLB Destinations has taken travellers to trips with an emphasis on “mingling” with local community and has proven that responsible tourism can significantly benefit local communities. To participate in, and contribute to local development initiatives, TLB founded CIFA (Centre d’Insertion par la Formation et l’Activité), a non-profit organization, which offers: practical training for university students; social development for unemployed; job opportunities to improve the standard of living of local community; improved relations between private and public sectors; assistance in the establishment of micro-enterprises; intervention to support deprived school children and enable them to participate in TLB’s outings. The company encourages responsible conduct of tourists during their trips to preserve destinations ecosystem. Travellers are made aware of local concerns regarding conservation of natural areas, as well as endangered and threatened heritage. TLB established national days and respects international days with events to raise awareness. For more information, please visit:

  • TKO Consultores

    TURISTIKO Project Partners is a Chilean based international consultancy company founded in 2004.With focus in the travel & tourism industry, our approach seeks to enhance tourism sustainability creating synergy between governments, companies and communities efforts and interests. We believe that unique travel experiences are in most cases a result from this synergy. Our work reaches an ample range of tourism key issues, such as destination sustainability strategies and plans, corporate strategies, market research & segmentation, best practices implementation, communications and editorial production. With this in mind, we had developed several projects in South America; some of them oriented to the industry and others to government policies and tourism development plans. In the last few years we have been a key partner for the Chilean government Sustainable Tourism Program, developing a series of 7 Best Practices Manuals, 4 Responsible Traveler guides and giving more than 20 seminars all through the country. Our partnership approach is tangible and our work speaks for itself. We are connected to the travel & tourism industry needs and trends, always believing that we can contribute to a better world through a sustainable tourism development. For more information about TURISTIKO, please visit

  • Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association

    This organization pledged their commitment to the GSTC Criteria and Sustainable Tourism Best Practices. Learn more.

  • The Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation (SSTF)

    The Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation (SSTF) is a Seychellois NGO which acts as a connecting platform for tourism stakeholders in Seychelles, facilitating partnerships and joint initiatives for sustainable tourism. Our vision is to make Seychelles an international best practice example for sustainable tourism through an integrated collaborative approach between public, private sector, academia and NGOs. As part of this vision our action plan is based on the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) criteria, pursuing a five-year goal for Seychelles to be certified as a sustainable tourism destination by one of the GSTC-recognised bodies.

  • The Guatemalan Tourism Board -INGUAT-

    The Guatemalan Tourism Board -INGUAT- is the national superior authority in the tourism sector that develops the promotion, advertising and sustainability\: practices of tourism industry through the specific legal guidelines from Guatemala’s Government.
    INGUAT articulates the economic and social development of tourism, to promote the strengthening and diversification of the touristic offer according to the land use planning of the tourism areas, also encourage the implementation of quality and sustainable criteria through the certification systems “Sello Q” and “Sello Q Verde” established in the Master Plan of Sustainable Tourism, Guatemala 2015-2025.

  • The Fabulous Getaway

    Led by two individuals who have a combined experience of over 30 years in designing and operating trips in Sri Lanka and staff who are passionate about travel, The Fabulous Getaway takes pride in having an in-depth knowledge of Sri Lanka. We are firmly committed in supporting sustainable tourism by working with ethical partners and developing experiences that protect the authenticity of heritage sites. It is our sole interest to tell the world about our beautiful island and design meaningful holidays for travellers which push boundaries and embrace innovation.




  • Taiwan Tourism Bureau

    In September of 1960, with the approval of the Executive Yuan, a Committee of Tourism was set up within the Ministry of Transportation and Communications; in October of 1966, this Committee was reorganized as the Tourism Council. Finally, on Dec. 29, 1972, the Tourism Bureau was established under the Ministry of Transportation & Communications and responsible for the administration of domestic and international tourism policy making, execution and development.

    In 2017, the Bureau has launched the 2017 Ecotourism Year and announced 20 selected ecotourism itineraries. The selected itineraries will take participants to the outdoors all over Taiwan to visit aboriginal tribes; view fireflies in their natural habitats at night; explore
    For more information, please visit the

  • SW Associates, LLC – Sustainable Development through Tourism

    SW Associates, LLC is a Washington, DC-based consulting practice focused on Sustainable Development through Tourism in both emerging and developed destinations. We believe that, if developed based Millennium Development Goals and principles of sustainability, tourism can be a critical means for achieving practical market-driven development, job and income growth, and preservation of cultural and natural heritage. Founded by Scott Wayne, SW Associates has conducted, managed and advised destinations, businesses and tourism and related organizations on sustainable tourism in over 60 countries. Our engagements have included advisory services, strategic planning and feasibility studies for tourism-related infrastructure, including energy, waste management, climate change risk mitigation, air, sea and ground transport, market intelligence and competitive analysis, human resource development, investment strategy and incentives, and policy reforms. SW Associates clients have included the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, Asian Development Bank, USAID, US Trade and Development Agency, individual governments, equity funds, and multiple destinations, businesses and associations. We welcome collaboration with public and private sector partners and organizations. Website:, Twitter: @SWATourism

  • Sustainable Travel Taiwan (STT)

    Sustainable Travel Taiwan (STT) is a NGO established in 2010 with the support of Sustainable Travel International (STI). STT has been dedicated to implement the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) Criteria in local communities and destinations, and by local governments and the tourism private sector in the Chinese speaking world. STT had set up an independent platform for people who have passion in responsible and sustainable tourism to communicate with. STT is a small but diverse group of architects, eco-landscape designers, urban designers, museum specialists, cultural and tourism journalists, tour guides, travel agents, scholars, and more. Through an interdisciplinary interaction, we find solutions and effective ways to implement sustainability practices from the grassroots level as well as from the official governmental level.

  • Sustainable Travel Ireland

    Sustainable Travel Ireland is an organisation set up to stimulate the development of Sustainable Tourism in Ireland and Northern Ireland. To achieve this we have adopted the industry criteria from the GSTC in addition to holding an ecotourism quality label. In addition, the labels have been designed to aid business to business trust and guide visitors travel choices, helping them to choose promoters of sustainable products and services.

  • SustainableTourismCertificationAllianceAfrica x100 Sustainable Tourism Certification Alliance Africa

    SustainableTourismCertificationAllianceAfrica x100

    The Sustainable Tourism Certification Alliance Africa, formerly known as the Sustainable Tourism Network Southern Africa (STNSA), is an alliance of sustainable tourism certification stakeholders in Africa, with an initial focus on countries in southern and East Africa. The Alliance aims to enable an integrated approach to sustainable tourism certification throughout the continent.

    For more information please visit

  • Sustainable Riviera Maya (SRM)

    Sustainable Riviera Maya (SRM) is an NGO, founded in 2009, with the mission to make sustainable tourism the primary engine for development, wealth and the engine of peace. At the same time SRM makes efforts to preserving natural treasures, local culture and society. Additionally, SRM strives to provide a linking platform that fosters congresses, seminars, training and certifications. Along with international standards adoption processes in sustainable strategies, and solution/action plans in the Riviera Maya, involving all the stakeholders in the tourism sector. SRM generates opportunities in order to increase the consciousness of sustainability as a real path of human beings remembering their greatness, loving nature, respecting culture and generating wealth, from within.

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